​Although Dan Casado enjoyed drawing from the time he was a young boy, he didn't exhibited his works until 2003, when he was 47 years old.

Since then, his work was exhibited in well known galeries in Europe, USA and Australia.

His paintings were also shown at the Monmouth Museum in NJ

and the Oxford Museum in England.

“He paints solitary creatures, in groups” (art writer and curator Oana Amaricai, France)

Untrained artist, he works with pure colors from the paint tubes.

He has developed his own method and art tools, adding thin coats of diluted colors

to obtain new tones, and then scratching on the paint while still wet,

to get textures, lines and patterns.

“His distinctive portraits are an interplay between the fluid shapes of the body and the linear nature of text. Here form is created through a synergistic fusion of word and image. Dan's figures are rendered with an ethereal translucence. They exist in a twilight world without foreground or background, without time or place” (art researcher and writer Dr Melissa Westbrook, UK)

Reinventing human and animal forms, freely finding and showing the hidden figures inside found papers and materials, he wonders about human relations and animal-human connections.

As Dan says: “Art is the tool to re-construct the world. Art is my key”

Dan Casado was born in 1956 in Argentina, South America.

He resides and works in a rural village of central France,

surrounded by prairies, forests and creeks.